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Hello! I'm Scey and I welcome you to my portfolio.

My focus is digital art &solo game development. I started drawing very young and as a teen became obsessed with Japanese RPGs. Naturally, these interests started to converge.
I work with Unity, Blender, C# and various other software.


Presented my games at festival Lektvar Barev
Started working as a webmaster, graphic designer and project manager at an eco focused nonprofit.
Presented my work Radiant Garden created during my Erasmus stay in Linz at Ars Electronica Festival 2023, Austria
Graduated MgA Multimedia degree with diploma work Fenigma, with honors
Started teaching Unity and Game Design courses at Algorithmics
Erasmus stay at Kunstuni Linz, Austria; programme Time-based Media.
Enrolled on MgA Multimedia programme at UWB while working as a frontend developer and graphic designer
2020-2021working holiday in South Korea9/2020
graduated from University of West Bohemia with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia, with honors
technical support for Oculus Go game Ego
I Have Lived showcased at WePlay Game Expo in Shanghai
R3E3 released
R3E3 representing UWB at Co.Con festival
BLIK BLIK festival Back to the Moon game video mapping projection
Elvie Mae Parian (Sidequest) interview about BTS:LD
Beyond The Senses: Lucid Dreamers released
Enrolled on BcA Multimedia programme at FDULS UWB
xheroeso project halted
working for ProfiKOMIKS
started teaching at Animánie
set up an international online studio (later named HER.E) with open team working on the xheroeso project
Studied graphic design
Focused on digital art

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I Have Lived

I Have Lived is a casual atmospheric adventure.
Status: reworking the game

Welcome to the end of an unnamed world. Its last wishes have materialized as two entities. Become a part of their journey and give the world another chance by recollecting the world's remaining Essences.

Experience a journey through the empty remains of the dead world playing as both characters, Etid and Aktam with varying gameplay controls and features. Do your best in little puzzles and try to find hints throughout the game to make the right decisions and receive the desired ending.• Explore possibilities how to effectively revive or ultimately destroy the unnamed world.
• Take a fresh approach to solve little puzzles.
• Play as both characters, take care of their bond and listen to their wishes.

Beyond The Senses:
Lucid Dreamers

BTS:LD is a 2D pixel adventure with unique color-emotion based mechanics and atmosphere inspired by New Retro Wave and old school JRPGs.

Follow the story of a group of friends who share the same dream world, despite being unaware of it. One of them accidentally awakens to the ability of shaping the world to his own will. Strange occurrences start happening as the others gradually awaken as well. The world seemingly starts falling apart.Will they solve the mystery before it's too late?


A medieval fantasy action RPG set in an original world with six nations inspired by HoM&M.
Status: on hold

EXO × Heroes (or xheroeso) is an ongoing RPG game fanproject where creatives of the EXO fandom meet to join forces, learn, challenge themselves and grow. The project started in 2015 and has been on-and-off in works since then. It is an open project and anyone can be accepted into the team which usually has 8-12 members.It is very dear to me since it is the first leap I made into my dream creative media - game development. I first discovered and learned Unity, 3D modeling, C# and even team leading while working on xheroeso. Many team members made great pieces for their portfolios, gained inspiration and built their futures, some even fulfilled their compulsory university internship on the project!

Team members (current and former):


An interactive VR installation about demystifying womanhood.Status: beta

Fenigma is a digital interactive installation for computers and includes optional VR support. Main theme of the project is demystifying womanhood. The narrative makes use of the symbolism of archetypes that damage women throughout history.

The player is expected to solve simple puzzles to progress through three scenes.
The first scene starts off in the womb and presents the simplest dichotomy of archetypes. In the next scene, these two opposites split into four sub-archetypes each.
Collect all eight emblems of the lamb and the snake to unveil hidden meanings and progress further.

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An interactive VR installation inspired by words "Remembering is a creative process." Choose your own path through distant memories.

R3E3 is a university project where I tried out VR, recording my own sfx and applying immersive sound.The game has been representing the University of West Bohemia at Co.Con festival in March 2019.

Guests of Existence

An informative web browser application dealing with the ethics, misinformation and impact of animal exploiting industries on us and our environment.Unreleased and on hold at the moment.


An audio reactive installation. Intended to be presented as a Pepper’s ghost effect.

Radiant Garden

An interactive projection with colorful, radiant visuals inspired by the way bees view colors.Status: finished*

Immerse yourself into the calming environment and take part in growing a beautiful radiant garden. By collecting water droplets and avoiding parasitic bugs, you can make your unique, randomly generated flower flourish. Bloom one, ten or hundred :)*can only be played with interactive projection (TUIO)

other works

Various works!